We are committed to an excellent academic program, one through which our students will develop a love of learning. They will master phonics, math, a foreign language, reading, creative writing, computer literacy, spelling and science. They will be instructed in art, music, creative drama and physical education. Gifted children will be encouraged and supported to grow in their interest area while achieving competence in all other areas of the curriculum.

We recognize that a rigorous academic foundation is essential for intellectual development and for acquiring the academic skills necessary for lifelong learning. We offer the broadest curriculum with the most classroom time because we recognize that each student requires substantial individual attention. At a time when some schools are reducing their curriculum, Noonan is expanding…


Summer Reading Lists

Below are links to the reading lists for grades 1-8.



Links to curriculum for each grade level:


Noonan Elementary Academy Mission Statement

Our Academy is dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

We are committed to excellence. We are ordinary people who, with God’s help, will accomplish the extraordinary. When parents and school work together reinforcing each other every step of the way, the children will win. We love and respect one another. The child must see us acting in unison and speaking with one voice. We must be family.