About Noonan

Noonan Elementary Academy recognizes that each child is unique and is committed to providing each student with an individualized plan for educational success and the structure for development of the complete person – mind, body, and spirit. Noonan differentiates itself from other schools by providing the most classroom time, smaller classroom sizes, the broadest curriculum, extensive extracurricular activities and a culture that fosters strong character formation and spiritual growth.Because we are committed to the spiritual formation of every child, our school day includes morning prayer and daily religion lessons. Mass is celebrated at the school once per week, for students first grade and up; and we provide weekly bible study.

Our academy is dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

We are committed to excellence.  We are ordinary people who with God’s help will accomplish the extraordinary.  When parents and school work together reinforcing each other every step of the way, the children win.  Please allow us to help your children succeed, and grow in relationship with the Lord.

To reach maturity, the student must have sufficient self-mastery to form character. At Noonan, respect for parents, teachers and consideration for others is taught.

The student experience will foster a sense of responsibility, the ability to give oneself to others in service, integrity in word and deed, and perseverance in difficult tasks.

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At A Glance


Mission, Philosophy, Objectives, Academic Goals

Our Mission

Noonan Elementary Academy strives to teach, to educate, and to form each student.  The teachers are committed to contributing to each child’s intellectual and Christian maturity.  A student’s heart and aesthetic faculties need to be educated, with a love for authentic values, with a sense of what is good, right, noble, just, and beautiful.  Every subject must contribute to this enrichment of the person in addition to the retention of facts and figures.  Noonan Elementary Academy’s education goes beyond knowledge to the admiration of what is true, good, and beautiful.  It is also essential that truths and values be put into action.  To reach maturity the student must have sufficient self-mastery to form character.  The student will acquire a sense of responsibility, the ability to give oneself to others in service, integrity in word and deed, and perseverance in difficult tasks.

To Teach: Teachers impart truth; the students study, analyze, and build upon those truths. The Academy believes that truth is the foundation of knowledge from which all other learning flows.

To Educate: Also essential is the education of the heart and imagination. The Academy helps students form their personal view of the world, of nature and of man in harmony with the finest of human and spiritual values.  In creating lovely objects, through listening to music, and by reading the finest books, students are lead to appreciate the beautiful, the noble, and the just.

To Form: From parent to student and from teacher to student, the love for human values is passed through example. Constant concern for justice, fidelity to one’s word, good manners and moderation in speech, and personal responsibility for one’s actions are the goals of formation of character, where the human person stands at the center of our endeavor.

Our Philosophy

Noonan Elementary Academy believes that education must address the mind, the heart and the imagination. Education must go beyond knowledge to develop the admiration of what is true, good, and beautiful. A student’s heart and aesthetic faculties need to be educated, with a love for authentic values, with a sense of what is good, right, noble, and just.

Our Objectives

We shall consider the objectives of the Academy first as a Catholic school; second as a School of Academic Excellence; third as an American school.

As a Catholic school, Noonan Elementary Academy has the following objectives:

  • To cooperate with divine grace in forming the true and perfect Christian
  • In particular it seeks to develop:

-Growth in holiness through a personal, ongoing relationship with God.

-An intense loyalty and devotion to the Holy See and to the teaching Magisterium of the Church.

-Leadership, particularly in the religious activities.

-An intelligent obedience to all duty constituted activity.

-Respect for the significant contributions of the past.

-Knowledge of Sacred Scripture.

-A deep and fulfilling prayer life.

-A profound understanding of the Roman Catholic faith, knowledge and love of God.

Academic Goals

Goal #1: To form the children spiritually as directed by the new catechism, the Holy Father and the teaching Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church.

We are committed to orthodox spiritual formation for every child.  Jesus said “What does it profit if he gains the whole world but loses his immortal soul.”  Our school day will include morning prayer (mass once per week, third grade and up).  Masses celebrated at the school will include first grade and up.  Prayers will include the Angelus at Noon, daily religious lesson, once a week bible study, and learning about the saints, approved apparitions, miracles and traditional forms of devotion.

Goal #2: Parents and teachers together speak with one true voice to properly form the character of the child.

There will be a strong emphasis on character formation, self-discipline and Christian values and morals.  Respect for parents, teachers and consideration for others will be taught.  Jesus teaches us when he says, “Love one another as I have loved you.”

Goal #3: To provide an academic program that is well balanced and so rich that every child will find intellectual nourishment he or she needs to reach their full potential.

We are committed to an excellent academic program.  Our children will develop a love of learning.  They will master phonics, math, a foreign language, reading creative writing, computer literacy, spelling, and science.  They will be instructed in art, math, creative drama, and physical education.  Gifted children will be encouraged and supported to grow in their interest area while achieving competence in all other areas of the curriculum.


Experienced and Committed Faculty

Our Noonan Family

Noonan Academy’s independence permits us to selectively recruit, develop and retain experienced educators who have demonstrated teaching excellence and are passionate about helping students achieve academic success. Our faculty averages 13 years of teaching experience. Click on a profile below to learn more about each faculty member.


Joseph Dunn

Mary Murphy
Assistant Principal / Primary Mathematics Teacher

Dr. Roberta Noonan

Mary Beth Pratt
Director of Pre-school / Kindergarten Teacher


Ms. Stephanie Antoniolli
2nd Grade

Mrs. Barri Antoniolli
Athletic Director/Special Events Coordinator

Mrs. Linda Bader

Mrs. Grace Bidny
Secretary, Jr. High Office

Mr. Rocco Carioto
Band Director

Mrs. JoAnn Conover
Pre-K Teacher

Miss Kelsey Conrad
7th Grade, Jr. High Science Teacher

Mrs. Erin Dreyer
3rd Grade

Mrs. Maria Egan
Nursery Teacher

Mrs. Kathleen Eminger
5th Grade

Mr. Scott Evers
6th Grade/6th-8th Grade Social Studies

Mrs. Colleen Farrell

Miss Tina Focosi
4th Grade

Mrs. Ellen French
8th Grade

Mrs. Sue Galloway
1st Grade

Mrs. Maria Gonzalez
Elementary Spanish Teacher

Mrs. Paula Gordon
1st Grade

Mrs. Lisa Gray
5th Grade

Mr. Clyde Gualandri
Specialist 5th -8th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Cathy Gualandri
3rd Grade

Mrs. Jenny Hague
Resource Teacher

Mrs. Mary Ann Huguelet
Math Teacher 6th-8th Grade

Mrs. Kelly Hurt
2nd Grade

Miss. Louise Igoe
6th Grade

Mrs. Pam Kavanaugh
8th Grade/Jr. High English/Language Arts

Mrs. Mary Kimak
7th Grade/Jr. High Math & P.E.

Ms. Carolyn Klaus

Mrs. Victoria Magas
Religion Teacher 6th-8th Grade

Ms. Molly Maher
Pre-K Teacher/Daycare Supervisor

Mrs. Mary Beth Mueller
4th Grade

Mrs. Darlene Murphy
Secretary, Jr. High Office

Mrs. Patricia Peccia
Business Manager

Mrs. Mary Kay Pignotti
Scripture/Religion Teacher

Mrs. Barbara Rainford
Secretary, Primary Office

Mrs. Julie Redican
Educational Diagnostician

Mrs. Adeline C. Sestak
Library Aide

Mrs. Soledad Shereck
4th-8th Grade Spanish Teacher

Mr. Scott Siwinski
K-4 P.E. Teacher

Mrs. Cathy Timian

Miss. Nicole Underhill
Pre-K Teacher

Mrs. Laura Weldon
Art Teacher

Ms. Kathleen Yukich
General Music Teacher and Choir Director


Holy Family Association

The Holy Family Association is a parent/faculty group that works toward the advancement of Catholic education and the welfare of the schoolchildren. The Holy Family Association is guided by the principles of mutual respect and common Catholic Faith. By working with the faculty and staff, they promote school activities, communication, and provide service to the school in various capacities.

Several functions of the HFA include working with the faculty and staff to organize and promote school activities, communicating with families via newsletters and classroom moms, involving families who desire to be more active participants in their child’s education by coordinating volunteer needs with family availability, and increasing awareness of creative ways to raise funds for the school without added cost to families. The committees of the Holy Family Association include Spiritual, Social, Communication, Staff Support, School Support, Fundraising (Dinner Dance and Raffle), Alumni Relations and Everyday Earnings (Manna, Recycling, Box Tops and AmazonSmile).

The Holy Family Association invites all to be actively involved in the Noonan Academy school family.

The 2017-2018 Holy Family Association:

President - Mrs. Maria Karnezis

Vice President - Mrs. Denise Jelinek

Treasurer - Mr. Clyde Gualandri

Secretary - Mrs. Tricia Armbruster

Nearly New Resale - Mrs. Kim Townsend

Alumni Relations - Mrs. Anne Burchett, Mrs. Meghan Braley

Communications/Public Relations Chair - Mrs. Stephanie Kush

Everyday Earnings Chair - Mrs. Diane Simon

Fundraising Chairs - Mrs. Barri Antoniolli, Miss Stephanie Antoniolli, Mrs. Natalie Hearns

School Support Chair - Mrs. Gina Lacny

Social Chairs - Mrs. Lisa Winkleman, Mrs. Ginny Fowler

Spiritual Chairs - Mrs. Amy Hansen, Mrs. Annmarie Mastro

Staff Support Chairs - Mrs. Anna Noonan, Mrs. Anna Hascek, Mrs. Jennifer Ronspies



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Noonan Elementary Academy Mission Statement

Our Academy is dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

We are committed to excellence. We are ordinary people who, with God’s help, will accomplish the extraordinary. When parents and school work together reinforcing each other every step of the way, the children will win. We love and respect one another. The child must see us acting in unison and speaking with one voice. We must be family.